Thursday, July 2, 2009

You say it's your birthday...

For my 46th birthday I share with you the gift of music. Music that has touched me throughout my life and made the journey, deeper, more meaningful, and better. (Bear with me, I'm well known for my taste in bad music.)

I grew up listening to whatever music my mother had in the house, so I blame her for my addiction to the Osmonds. I first discovered them singing "Downtown" on a Parade of Hits album she had. This is a video of one of my favorite songs they did. It was great in concert. I know, totally 70's, but hey, this is my retrospective, not yours. :-)

My mother used to work 3rd shift at I.B.M. when I was growing up in upstate New York. Once she'd left, I'd get up and turn on the radio to listen to Joe Bloomer's Golden Oldie Show. I would call in on a regular basis and request this song. I'm sure Mr. Bloomer got sick of the request, but he generously played it for me each time.

Also throughout the 70s and a few years into the 80s I spent a great deal of time trying to duplicate Olivia's hair, look and singing voice. Well what young girl at that time didn't? Here's a great one, combining fantasy and music. Ahhh.

Of course, I came of age during the 80s. Thank God for 80s music! It was such happy, dancing, exciting music. It still makes me feel good. Back before iPods or Walkmans, if you wanted to take your music with you, you loaded up giant batteries in your boom box and hit the road. I loved to ride my bike on the trails near Charlotte, NC and would strap a small boombox to the front of my bike and crank the music as I tore through the trails. This was one of my favorite songs to blast.

Into all lives a little rain must come and 80s music was there for me when my heart got broken as well.

I discovered the music of Kenny Loggins in the 80s as well. He became well known for all the music soundtracks he did (Top Gun, Footloose, among others) and his music was heart pounding and drove you to dance. I didn't become a fan though until the 90s when he went through a hard divorce and began moving toward a more spiritual nature in his songs. This, among many of his songs, kept me company as I found my way through my own divorce and single parenthood.

I discovered so much music during the divorce period, Nanci Griffith, Sarah MacLachlan, Celtic and folk music. It opened all sorts of windows in my psyche and helped me see there was this huge world out there and so many possibilities. It really helped bring light to my life during the dark times.

Into all lives, a lot of love should come. Who knew what was in store for me. I met M and my world was turned upside down. I spent 3 years watching her from a safe distance, denying my attraction and being confused. When I finally got my courage up and we started dating, she introduced me to many new musical artists, my favorite is Dar Williams. This was one of the first Dar songs she introduced me to. Finally after a lifetime of being with all the wrong people, I finally found someone who really sees me as I am and loves me anyway. How cool. What a great birthday I will have, just because I've finally reached this good point in my life. Thanks to M, to L and P and all my family and friends for being there for me over the years. Thanks also for the music.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday! (and what were you doing up at 330 a.m.?)

CyberKitten said...

A very Happy Birthday to YOU!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Julie, Thanks, and I wasn't up at 3:30, I've never set the clock on my blog, so the posting time is never accurate.

CK, thanks! Have a drink in my honor, or take off work early, I know I'm going to. One of the few perks of being the boss. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! I hope everyone who visits here can see how important it was that I arrived on the scene--really, the Osmonds? Really? What Karen isn't telling all of you is that when I helped her move out to law school, she still owned a Tiffany album. That's right--vinyl.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hey, what about our agreement that you'd can't pick on me on my birthday? I want a do-over. I get to have my birthday all over again tomorrow and repeatedly until you can make it one day without picking on me. Besides, I'll have you know Tiffany was the finest mall singer the 90's ever saw!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

P.S. - I also still have all my vinyl Osmond records, so there!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my favorite sister. And I can still remember being dragged to a county fair somewhere is god forsaken PA, I think to see Donny and Marie. Standing in a crowd of people all the while trying to keep track of YOU, and you were ever inching your way closer to stage to get better look at Donnie. And of course could never keep track of you in a crowd, as have always been shorter than the rest of the world.:)They were at least not the worst concert I accompanyed the fam with, Dolly Pardon at the Pocono Race Way. But I gota say Glen Cambell, was my favorite, the Witchata Lineman, loved that song. And I did enjoy watching Marie on Dancing with Stars recently. Oh by the way, I made not such promise to not Pick on YOU. So am going to ponder a bit. And hang on to those Vinyl albums, they are coming back!. A couple of years ago, found a few of my favorites at yard sale. Carol King, Roberta Flack & Carly Simon. And Americia. YEA...I even have a "record player"


tweetey30 said...

Happy B-day VV. Enjoy your day and hope M has something special for you planned today..

maeve said...

Great post ... It made me think about what my songs would be through life ... interesting concept! Hope you have a GREAT Birthday!!!

tshsmom said...

What a great way to commemorate your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Crazy Horses was one of the few Osmond songs I liked.
Kenny Loggins has been one of my favorites since way back to his Loggins and Messina days. Danny's Song is my favorite.

P, we still have a turntable too. ;)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Thanks everyone. I had a great birthday. I'll post what I did and got later.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Very Very Happy Birthday, my dear...!
I am unable to see any of the clips...if they are on Youtube I can see them, but not here...!
Don't worry about it...It sounds like our tastes in music are quite!

I hope your Birthday is filled with ALL Good Things!