Friday, July 24, 2009

Racial Pimping

Have you been listening to the coverage about the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates? What do you make of it? Who's right or wrong? What do you think really happened? Why doesn't the Cambridge police force release the cop's radio calls back to dispatch and maybe shed some light on what actually happened? Maybe they wouldn't reveal anything, I don't know. I came across this iReport and thought it was interesting. Share your thoughts...


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is most interesting, her presentation, is at least in my limited experience, quite accurate. But got news for her, it even happens in whites, indians. oriental peoples. you name it. The world has to have a reason, to do stupid things, and color can be the blame for most of it. ( or for that matter lack, of it. People in general we are a bunch of dummies, it amazes me that "people" have so far stood the test of time.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am unable to see the Video, so I don't know what was/is being said.
I DID read what Henry Louis Gates said happened and being very familiar with him I would believe his account absolutely.
Racial Profiling is a fact of our country. There is no doubt about that. And people of color are treated differently by almost everybody, but, especially the Police. Gates showed the policeman his ID...It was clear that THIS was HIS House!!! Still, the policeman didn't like Gates' "tone", so he arrested him because of that. If I learbed anything from Gates' account it is, Don't step out of your house just because a policeman is asking you. The Police would need a Warrent to arrest you IN your home, but the minute you step out, you are vulnerable. Professor Gates did not DO anything except attempt to get into his house...The door was jammed.

Anyway....personally, I think it is outrageous the the Policeman said he would not apologize. The charges were dropped completely and the Cambridge Police made a statement of apology, but the Policeman who didn't like Henry Lewis Gates' tone, would not apologize....Now that may have changed since last night.

Here in Los Angeles all sorts of terrible things are happening to people of color by the Police. And this has been going on for as long as I can remember---And I've lived here since 1961. It is an unfortunate fact of life here in our country. Racism exists and is alive and well, sad to say.