Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't know whether this is a condition of our decaying society or an aberration. When I first saw the video below, I remember thinking, "who the hell does she think she is?" I mean, where are you at in your head that you think the proper response to a mistake on your food order is hostility, violence and property damage of about $3,000? What kind of environment does this person live in that it's okay to do this, that this is how you handle yourself and disputes in society?

"This is Alesha McMullen, and she is not lovin' it. Jackson County Prosecutors charged 19-year-old McMullen Tuesday with first-degree property damage after a "Crime Stoppers" tip identified her as the alleged rageoholic McDonald's customer who destroyed three cash registers and a water dispenser on December 27, 2009." (Full Story)

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tweetey30 said...

Saw this one on tv on the news a few weeks back.. Terrible isnt it??? People...

tshsmom said...

Something tells me that this girl had zip for upbringing. Cooling her heels in jail should give her the "time out" that she has coming to her.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

There seems to be a lot of RAGE out there these days. I hadn't heard about this. It is sad, and I think it says a great deal about the stress level of our society...Is this the right way to handle things? NO! But, I understand---on some level---this kind of rage.

PENolan said...

I also think there's a lot of rage out there these days - and we'll be seeing more and more outbursts. Granted this girl probably has issues as a result of her upbringing, but this country is filled with people who don't know how to act, who carry guns and who are filled with impotent rage against banks, government, health insurance companies, etc. etc. etc.

I guarantee you that we'll see a higher percentage of folks going postal this year. Suicides, too, probably.

Makes me want to stay in my cozy home and drink hot chocolate or red wine.

So sad and too soon

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