Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!!

Well, B has a snow day at any rate. M and I still have to go in to work. Not to worry though, we plan on leaving early for a ski weekend (for M) in Massanutten. B and I plan on tubing. Have a great weekend!


tweetey30 said...

Beautiful but we got another four inches yesterday and i had the car and was sliding all over the place.. it was horrible. i hate it when its like that... i just plain hate driving in this stuff but i have to with still wearing the surgical shoe until Jan 18th..

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. B got a SNOW DAY???? What's up with that did power go out? Have fun this weekend. Our kids have not had a snow day yet this year, they did have a 2 hour delay, but to get the day off, need more than 6 inches, or ice coming down. Thats happened in the overnight hours here so no reason to cancel school. Simply amazing to me. The differences in the various parts of the country. So be careful driving, apparently those southern folks, do not know how to drive. Slow and easy watch out for the other guy. You both know how it's done. Love Ya Safe Journey

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hello from Massanutten. Well, the skiing looks to be too icy for M, so she's headed back to the condo now and we'll do something different. They're blowing snow on the tubing runs, so we should still be able to do that at 4. M says it's really cold out. I vote for staying in and sitting by the fire. Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

Yep, right there with you. Hope every one had a nice weekend. A nice fuzzy blanket and an endless supply of really good coffee. Could not get any better. It was about 5 degrees when I left the house at 9 this morn. by Wednesday we will be having a heat wave, up to 35 so they are calling for. :)