Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friends In Town for a Visit

This is Swee and her children with my daughter, Mindy. Swee came to live with us way back in 1993-94, I can't remember the exact date. Mindy was 4 or 5, and Bobby was 1 or 2. They were the same ages as Swee's children are now. Swee made it possible for me, a then newly divorced single mom, to attend college. Swee stayed home with the kids in the early mornings while I attended classes and I came home at lunch so Swee could then go to class. It was an arrangement that worked out well for us for years. So now 17-18 years later,

Swee had to go to NY to take care of her passport and on the way back stopped in for a visit. I hadn't seen her family for 2-3 years, the last time I was in Arkansas. Her family was a delight. Her girls' names are Natalie,

and her twin sister Naomi, and then baby sister, Nasha. These girls were a bundle of energy, squealing, giggling, wriggling, and laughter. I spent about 7 hours with them the first day and the children never slowed down, not even for a moment. They were such a delight to be around.

Swee's husband, Edmond was also here to join in the fun of his lively family. We talked for hours and hours as if we'd never been apart. I am so grateful that Swee came into my life at such a crucial moment and made possible what was previously just a dream. I am even more grateful that we're still friends and that we had the opportunity to share a couple of days together, because who knows how many years until we can meet up again. Swee says probably 3 years since her husband has to do his passport in 3 years. :-)


tweetey30 said...

That is awsome .. Isnt it great to catch up on old friends this way. glad you got the chance..

Anonymous said...

Am very happy that you both were able connect. She has been a good friend to you for so very long. Friends like her are not a dime a dozen, and know that you treasure her & her family. Am so very glad she was there for you.
Are you heading to Ohio today? Am very guilt ridden, as know that it's a special day for the parental unit. But my life being what it is. Is she now unable to drive? or is that pretty much a choice she is choosing too make at this time. And only go short trips to store. Never quite sure of her physical condition. Am very aware of the mental state.

Larena said...

picking up where you leave off... is a sign of true friendship...
hope all else is well. L
will be posting rainforest pictures soon !

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