Friday, June 11, 2010


I saw this story this morning, and it's disturbing, yes, but why does this continue, why can't some people evolve and move forward? What can we do for the young girls caught in this mess?


PENolan said...

thanks for sharing.
It's a terrible, terrible reminder of Patriarchy, Theocracy and vile human nature rolled into one.
And on many levels, we're supporting this bullshit.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Can't we sponsor these girls and bring them over here, give them a chance at a real life in the 21st century?

Anonymous said...

No one should be surprised at this. As far as am concerned, it would still be happening in this country, if women had not been given the right to vote. And still from what I read it does still happen here. In certain Cults. Or shall I say religons, although it been denied. It is a cutural thing as well as a "Man" thing why in the world do you think men chase younger girls. And think that at least a good majority of them would if given the chance and thought they would not have any reprecussions, as a result. Have friends who are christans, who are from India, they had arranged marriages, at 16 & 17 years of age, one of whom was physically abused her, and ended up in a shelter, but then went back to the SOB. My husband got a hold of him and told him if he ever laid a hand on his wife again, he would personally beat the little prick himself. The woman holds down 2 jobs, and is raising the 3 children, while the SOB, runs back and forth to India, like some sort of big shot. IN the name of Jesus, and he is full of crap. But he gets away with it, and she will not leave him even though she knows there is help here for her. Do not get it.

KK said...

That's just plain sad :(
People shouldn't be going through these things :(