Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitchen Remodel - Part 6 - Before and After

To spare you any more waiting, here are the before and after shots. All the clutter is gone from the top of the cabinets, and we're just waiting for the other cabinets to be installed up to the ceiling. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

That box on the floor in front of the stove is the new range hood waiting to be installed. So, not finished, but you can see enough of it that the finishing touches won't change it too much. What do you think?


M said...

I can't believe we lived with a kitchen that ugly for 5 years!

DA Bulls are Back said...

wow it looks awesome. I hope you guys like it.

tweetey30 said...

I love the color you two chose for the back ground.. and those white cabinets look awsome on top of that bluish color.. Just love it..

Larena said...

wow You two are pros' !!

Oops I did it again

Getting it short in anticipation of warm weather and more jogging, it grows fast and will be long again by next winter.