Monday, July 5, 2010

Spring Flowers

I never got around to posting my Spring flowers when they were all in bloom, too busy. Now today with temps in the 100s and desperately wishing for the cool weather of Spring, at least I have the pictures and can remember. Hope its cooler where you are.


tweetey30 said...

They are beautiful.. thanks for sharing. It was raining and just moist today here.. We almost got rained out of fireworks last night but going to finish uploading video's to facebook tomorrow and then embed them on my blog if it will work..

tweetey30 said...

hey i have video of fireworks if they will work up .. I tried this last week and htey wouldnt run.. I took them from my facebook page.. I embedded them from there..

tshsmom said...

You two did an amazing job on the landscaping! Now you're reaping the rewards with all the beautiful flowers.

Oops I did it again

Getting it short in anticipation of warm weather and more jogging, it grows fast and will be long again by next winter.