Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine's Day

C'mon, you can take it. It's just another Valentine's Day, you're either with someone you love or you're not. It's only 24 hours, it will all be over soon enough and then life can resume as normal. When I began school as a very young child, I loved Valentine's Day. I loved that we had candy and cupcakes and everybody made and exchanged cards. I loved all the red decorations. I also had plenty of crushes on the little boys in my classrooms, so this holiday gave me the chance to give extra special Valentines to those chosen fellows in hopes they would notice me. They never did. I was too young then to understand boys of 5-8 years old seldom notice little girls.

Later in my young adult life, Valentine's Day was either spent alone, or getting dumped by a guy who was too cheap to get a gift. I also frequently got dumped just before Christmas. I don't know, maybe I put too much pressure on them for gifts. Who knows. So eventually Valentine's Day was an irritant, a reminder that I was alone and was not even worthy of a card from a male admirer. I became quite cynical of Valentine's Day, even after I married, the day was not all that.

Then, 19 years ago today, I gave birth to my second child and he redeemed the day for me and helped me understand it wasn't all about me, but rather showing your love for another. I ceased to expect anything from Valentine's Day and instead focused on it being my child's birthday. It helped take the sting out of being alone or unloved on Cupid's day. Today is the first time in 19 years that I have not been with my son on his birthday. He's away at college, hopefully actually attending classes this semester. M and I have already called and left him a lovely operatic rendition of "Happy Birthday" on his voicemail. Hopefully he won't listen to it while half asleep, that would be a rude awakening.

I discovered the following famous people who were also born on Valentine's Day: Rob Thomas (lead singer of Matchbox Twenty), Teller (of magician pair, Penn and Teller), Drew Bledsoe (NFL Quarterback), Meg Tilly (actress), Hugh Downs (20/20), Florence Henderson (Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch), and Gregory Hines (Dancer).

So, Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Birthday depending on which it is for you. Celebrate the day, or avoid it in style. It's only 24 hours, you can get through it. M and I are going out to dinner. It's really nice to be in a good relationship for a change where every day is a day to show your love, not just on a manufactured holiday.


CyberKitten said...

Happy Valentine's Day V V. Enjoy it!

Even I got a hug today - a group of women were giving them away when I was shopping in town this morning.... and I'm a sucker for anything free... [grin]

Vancouver Voyeur said...

*snicker* I think being "free" wasn't the main reason. Here's hoping you have a great day!

Libellule said...

Happy love celebration day to you! I think, after everything we learn, it all comes down to love and its power... to turn our focus outwards and enjoy that feeling inside.
I'm hoping that the "love" will chase away the flu here in our household!:)

Anonymous said...

I plan on calling my favoite nephew after 3:00 and will grace him with another rendition of Happy Birthday from his favoite Aunt. :)

CyberKitten said...

@ V V: Actually I'd be happy to have contributed something to charity - but they never asked [grin]

I did think about going back for seconds after I'd done shopping (yes, yet more books) but went back to the bus stop a different way.

I noticed that a few passers-by actually turned down the opportunity of a freebie. How weird is that - and off such a friendly bunch of people..... [laughs]

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I love your post!! Got goosebumps actually. I love that it's your son's birthday, I love that you made it what it is (just another 24 hours)

And I love that you and M have the kind of relationship most of us envy. Being in a good relationships always makes us realize all the bad ones that we were in for waaaaay too long.

Here's to Feb 14th!



tweetey30 said...

I have tears in my eyes. I am not sure why. Maybe because I feel slightly depressed lately or just because your post made so much sense.. Thanks for sharing and happy V-day guys.. Hope you have a wonderful dinner.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a sweet post, my dear...! Perfect for Valenyines Day.

Thank you so very much for your very sweet words about dear dear Betty....It is a tough time for so very many people here who loved her so, included.

PENolan said...

I ate rice crispy treats until I got a stomach ache. Some things never change.

Glad you enjoyed the Birthday!