Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music Review - Florence and the Machine

M got me some new music for Christmas and of the CDs, "Lungs" by Florence and the Machine, has turned into a favorite of mine. I'm not a musician, so I usually don't focus on music in t.v. shows or in movies, M on the other hand, is, and does. When she got me this CD she reminded me that Glee had done a cover of her song and that she and her band were the musical guest on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. She was also on the Grammy Awards this week doing the number in tribute to Aretha Franklin. Okay, whatever, I didn't remember them, or so I thought.

Then, the first time I heard track #1, "Dog Days Are Over" I immediately recognized it. I also liked it. There aren't any lyrics that come with the CD, so I had to listen to it frequently to begin to understand what she was singing. I like the energy, the interesting musical choices, and changes in the music in this song. It strikes me as a joyous song, unlike some of the other songs on the CD.

The more I listen to this CD, the more I recognize music that must have been in movie or t.v. soundtracks that I didn't think I was paying attention to, such as Rabbit Heart a/k/a "Raise it up," or the Drumming Song.

There are also funny tracks on this CD such as this one, "Kiss with a Fist." The tempo of songs on this CD is all over the place, fast, slow, moderate, quirky tempo. The lyrics vary as much as the music. If I had to categorize this type of music, it would have to be a combination of Pop and Ecclectic. I've honestly not heard a CD quite like this before. Give it a listen, it just might grow on you as it has done me.


tweetey30 said...

Interesting.. I will have to ask Jeff if hes heard this yet..

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it... My perspective on the giving end is that I'm always afraid to give music as a gift, people often have such different tastes. I am too scared I guess.

I'm glad M hit a home run with this one :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm sure they are very talented, but not being able to understand what they are saying gets in the way for me I'm afraid....ALL of these clips they have on YouTube, etc...should come with "Closed Captioning"....

I thank you for your sweet words about the loss of Betty. I hope you understand--it isn't even a week yet---And one needs time to grieve and there is no time-clock on that, but, having lost many many people that were and are dear to me over a lifetime---MORE, I'm sorry to say, recently, this is still a very fresh and shocking loss, you know?

Libellule said...

Thanks for this new discovery. She's got something that reminds me of Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics ... I will listen some more:=)