Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend was much like any other, too busy, so my cleaning out of Min's room came to a halt. I'll need to get in there with a vengeance soon or it won't be done by the end of the month when M's sister and family arrive.

So as you can see, the bins are being filled with clothes and the shelves are slowly getting emptied. In addition to having way too many clothes, she also has way too many magazines. She told me which ones to recycle and which to donate, that just means I will have to sort them all rather than pitching the whole lot in one fell swoop. *sigh*

Saturday was my birthday, so I was allotted the entire day to do whatever I wanted. It was nothing exciting by most people's standards, but it worked for me, doing what makes me happy. So we went for an early morning jog, then got bagels, then went to the farmer's market and flea market. Then when we got home, I sorted and cleaned my garlic before heading out to see a movie.

Aren't these babies gorgeous? Thanks to my sister, Pat, for the original garlic that I planted to get these gems. They smelled so fantastic when I cut them that I wanted to immediately cook up something garlicy.

While at the flea market I picked up a couple of the pressed glass plates that I collect and this lamp for Min's room. I already had the shade and was trying to find a lamp that I liked when I spotted this lamp. I thought the stem would be a good match for the glass knob on the nightstand where I plan to place this lamp.

I got all sorts of nice things for my birthday, but here's the most exciting, my new ocean kayak. We tried it out on Monday at the beach, but the waves were too close together and too rough. We'll try again in the coming weeks. I'll report back on our success or failure.

We also went fishing with friends this weekend, or rather, M and the friends fished, I sat and read. Fishing doesn't do it for me. :-)

Unfortunately, the crabs were biting and stealing bait like crazy, but we didn't have any crab pots with us. They did manage to snag one crab on the fishing line. They also caught quite a few white perch and catfish. We'll be eating them for dinner tonight.

On 4th of July afternoon we went out to Assateague to meet up with a bunch of friends who invited us for a cookout/bonfire and to watch the fireworks over Ocean City. A number of horse herds showed up on the beach. It was quite a surprise for some people. I'll leave you with shots of the ponies. Hope you all had a spectacular 4th.

7 comments: said...

oh those are beautiful.. wish i could have you make a few of those for Kora and send them to her. she loves horses.. i could frame them..

Love that lamp you picked up for Mins room.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweety, you can right click on the pictures and save them to your computer. Then go on-line, download them to Walmart photo. Order the prints you want and they will mail them to you. It's really easy and very cheap.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Oh, I love these pictures, they're outstanding!!!

I've never seen horses on a beach before, wow. wow. wow. said...

you dont mind me taking your photos off your blog??? only if you dont mind. I hate taking photos without permission first.. she will love us both for this.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Michele, if you think these horses are spectacular, you should see the annual pony drive at Chincoteague. They drive hundreds of horses off the island, into the bay waters, and to the mainland, then auction off a number of the babies. Then a few days later, they drive the remaining herd back across the bay to the island. I'm thinking of going down there with my kayak this year (end of July) and take pictures of them from the water.

Tweety, sure, take the pictures. I don't mind at all. I hope your daughter likes them.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ohhhh...Aren't those ponies WONDERFUL! Very Very exciting! And, a Very Happy Birthday to you, though Belated.....It sounds like you had a Perfect Day! The Garlic looks FANTASTIC!

You mentioned in your comment to me about 'The Tile Man'...He has said to me more than once that NO ONE has written about his work the way I have---That he feels I understand his work and revere it in ways he cannot even express himself! So...He and his lovely wife Ivenia, were thrilled to come celebrate with me..And I was thrilled they joined me!

Larena said...

cool lamp ! Garlic YUM ! this is one of those years where I am eating it by the clove....have you tried any coconut oil ? YuM!
and Ponies for your birthday YeaH! I wish I couls kayak. I did it on the Sol Duc River But I liked to kill myself going solo, it was much better after I went in the 2 man one...I still hurt for days afterwards. :( oh well
sounds like a perfect birthday to me. glad you got to enjoy it!

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