Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure, measure, measure, I just can't say that enough.

So, do you remember this corner where I wanted to put this lovely overstuffed red chair from IKEA?

The initial problems were that the chair alone measured 41 3/8 x 35/ 3/8 x 34 3/8, add the ottoman in front of it and it took up too much floor space in the room. I also wasn't sure if having a big red chair in that corner would be too much red in the room. So I was stuck trying to decide on whether to still go with this chair and just not get the ottoman, or to go with this lovely chair from IKEA.

This chair is not as big. It measures 30 3/4 x 33 1/2 x 33 1/8. So, still struggling to decide between the two chairs and no time to run to IKEA to get either one until after visiting family left, I opted to put one of our old recliners in the room and cover it until I could make a trip across the bridge (Bay Bridge 2 1/2 hrs. one-way).

This is when I made a very crucial discovery. So I had my son and one of his friends carry the recliner upstairs and they left it in the hallway because they said it wouldn't fit through the doorway. I thought that was odd, because we have two of these chairs and its mate went through our master bedroom door and sits in there. So then I measured the chair, 29 5/16 x 32 x 32. Then I measured the doorway, 29 6/16 wide. It should fit. What was different? In the master bedroom, we were able to open the recliner chair, turn it sideways and turn the corner with it to get it in the room. In Min's room, you have the door and wall on one side, and you have the built-ins on the other side. There is no room to open the chair to work around the angles. So long story short, with a little of mom's tender loving brute force, I wedged the chair through the opening, taking a little paint and wood with me in the process, but the chair is in the room. I've obviously covered its dingy, beige ugliness with a red blanket temporarily, but now I have the dilemma of what chair to put in the room. Neither IKEA chair will work, and if I decide to buy a new chair, I'll have to forcefully shove the recliner back out of the room. So I study the recliner, are it's shape and style really that bad? Couldn't I just have it re-upholstered and make do? So I call around to some local upholsterers and ask for an estimate to re-cover a wing-backed recliner. They all say it will be cheaper to replace it than to re-upholster it. *sigh* So then I think, maybe a slipcover would work. The vast majority of slipcovers look like crappy, loose fitting blankets. Thank you very much, I already have that look.

So after looking at the red covered chair for a few days and forcefully eliciting opinions from unsuspecting family members, I do decide a red chair in that corner will be too much red, so the slipcover will have to be in another color. Here is the only nicely fitting slipcover I found for this type of recliner and I will get it in blue because none of the other colors they had available would even remotely work for the room. So lesson learned here people is measure, measure, measure, and apply a little brute force if the measurements are close.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is amazing you actually got that recliner into the!
That "blue" is lovely, by the way.....You are so right about measuring and RE-measuring...Better safe than sorry, right?

BTW: I do not "color" my hair--never have and, no doubt, never will...The color is still basically what it was--dark brown, though there is some gray in it---But, not very much, comsidering I am 80! Lucky "hair"!
Though, none of my siblings were or are so lucky. Everyone turned gray or white, quite young, actually.....

Larena said...

brute force works ! enjoy the visit with family ! hope I get to come see you soon !

Larena said...

the blue wing backs are just like mine and they are so comfortable !! I love mine and they recline in a smaller footprint

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Naomi, being a natural blonde and experiencing the ever darkening of my locks over the years, I've been "coloring" it for years to keep the same hair color instead of going ever darker.

Larena, yes, the recliner takes up much less space and has the footrest without the extra bulk of an ottoman. I hope you can come see us soon and stay in this lovely room. Hopefully it will be finished by the time you arrive.