Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What will we find?

Oh I'm so excited! What will we find underneath this icky green rug? It's just like Christmas time, you unwrap it all and are surprised by what you find.

Well there's a thick mat underneath.

There are no stains on it, so that bodes well for the wood underneath not being damaged. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ohhhhh, it's a thing of beauty!

Look at those gorgeous hardwoods. Why would anybody put a nasty green rug over such loveliness?

Well, I've got tack strips all around the outside of the room to remove. I also have to remove all the staples where the former owner stapled down the mat under the rug. Thanks to B for using his muscle and ripping it all out. Back to work for me.


Larena said...

SWEET !! beautiful hard wood floor ! Lucky You !!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

That's one of the advantages of living in a house built in 1930.

nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

Anyone wanting to cover up those beautiful hard woods like me that hates to tmop every week and has small children that dont know when to stop pushing toys into the hard ward and making dents.. LOL.. Yes that sounds like something I would lvoe to do do right about now is put carpeting in there rooms.. The girls rooms have hard wood and so does ours. I hate the dust it accumalates..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I understand that Tweety, plus the warmth factor in the winter, but I have allergies that carpets hold and I love the look of wood.