Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who paints a room the same colors?

Well, I'll get to that in a moment, first, the floor.

See all those dots on the floor? In addition to removing the tack strips along the perimeter of the room, all over the floor I had to pull up staples where the previous owner stapled the mat to the floor. Tedious.

The hard part is done. After closer examination of the wood floors, I discovered worn spots and spots where the previous owner slopped paint and never cleaned it up. So I have to use paint remover and do some sanding, then I have to re-stain the floor to get an even appearance.

But next came the painting. Remember a few posts back, I can't remember if it was in the post or the comments, but I said I was debating on whether to paint at all because I wanted the blue on the bottom and yellow on the top, I just wanted it paler. So I painted, and after it dried, I challenge you to see the difference. This shot is BEFORE.

Here is the AFTER. The difference is there, but it's hard to tell. You can see the difference in the yellow in this shot. The original yellow was darker with a little more orange. The new yellow looks like butter.

The old blue was a shade or two darker than the current blue. But it was funny, after it was painted and dried, I couldn't tell the difference, neither could M. M wanted to know if it was worth the cost and effort to have it still look the same. I said the colors are brighter, and everything is now clean and fresh, rather than faded, dinged, and scratched. So yeah, it was worth it. I still have to paint all the white trim and shelves, then I'm going to tackle white-washing the built-in cabinets. After that, I will prime and paint some of the furniture a vivid red.


Larena said...

I have painted a room the same color, so raspberry to M ! LOL! I liked the color too it needed freshening and prolly to cover kids coloring !! the floor will be worth all the tedious work ! said...

I can see where the old yellow came through but you are right it was worth the painting.. Just to have it feel fresh and new is something worth having at your finger tips..

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