Thursday, December 11, 2008


WARNING: This is a major rant. I am PISSED!!

I am stunned, appalled, and shocked. Here's a quote from Mr. Pat Boone equating me and other people (opposed to the church funded Proposition 8 in California that was hateful and took away the right to marry for gay people) to murderous jihadists.

"...there is a real, unbroken line between the jihadist savagery in Mumbai and the hedonistic, irresponsible, blindly selfish goals and tactics of our homegrown sexual jihadists."
- Pat Boone, December 6, 2008

Here's his article in its entirety: Hate is Hate, in India or America

I take serious offense to this ignorance. Here are the points I dispute from Mr. Boone's article:

1. First, I'm not a Jihadist because I'm not a Muslim and don't subscribe to Jihads.

2. I don't feel directed by my religion to subjugate or exterminate those who don't agree with me or live how I do.

3. I'm not trying to enforce my beliefs on all mankind. I'm not the one cornering the market on marriage and telling people who can and cannot have those government benefits attached to it, that would be you Mr. Boone and all the churches who flooded the State of California with millions of dollars to spread hateful,distorted messages to convince voters to vote how you wanted in accordance with your religion.

4. I am not advocating violence to get my way. I am advocating exposure of the people who funneled money into a state not their own and influenced an election not their own. If the light of truth is frightening to you and seems violent, you should ask yourself why exposure of your covert actions is so frightening to you. Did you do something underhanded that you don't want other people to know about?

5. You are upset at the money the people are putting forth to uncover what you and the churches did. Well, at least our people are public about their contributions. We're only asking the same of you. Why is it okay for you and your minions to act in secret spending millions of dollars, yet it's wrong of us to spend a lesser amount of money finding out who you are? Sounds like a double-standard to me.

6. You are inciting fear and unecessary violence by telling your followers, "[h]ave you not seen the awful similarity between what happened in Mumbai and what's happening right now in our cities?" Mr. Boone, I'm not sure if you really understand what happened in Mumbai. People were brutally tortured and murdered in Mumbai (even children) by religious extremists who gathered followers and resources in secret until they were strong enough to attack the people who were not of their religion and didn't agree with them. Gee Mr. Boone, isn't that what you and your churches are doing, spreading hate, gathering followers in secret, secretly funding legislation that discriminates against people who don't follow your religious beliefs? I would say we have more reason to fear violence from you and the churches.

7. You are correct on one thing Mr. Boone, "hate is hate no matter where it erupts." When people spend millions of dollars spreading hateful messages full of lies and distortions to convince people to vote a certain way, that's still hate. It doesn't matter if it's coming from a supposedly Christian church. There has been plenty of evil, violence and hatred at the hands of churches and people who call themselves Christians. Please tell me about all the mob violence incited and carried out by gay people against your church. Civil marches, protests, carrying banners exposing your actions and calling for boycotts to hurt you in your wallets is not hate, it's not violence. It's a civil action taken in response to a covert, hostile action on the parts of you and people like you.

8. Mr. Boone, I agree with you that marriage should not be a governmental institution. So I would like you and all married people to give up the 1,400+ state, federal and employment benefits you enjoy from being married. Also, you might want to check what the Bible says about marriage. I wouldn't want you to miss out on having multiple wives, being able to beat them, sell them into slavery, or sleep with your wives servants and get them pregnant if you'd like. Oh, and no picking and choosing which Bible verses you're going to believe in and follow. If that book is holy and the word of God, I would think you would listen to God and follow _everything_ the Bible says. Also, if you're going to follow what "people" not God have said and done down through the ages, I think you might want to check out what they've done before you subscribe to it. Oh, and one last thing, it's kinda touchy, but, Um, before you do any of those things, please give your black friends forewarning that they'll soon be your slaves. (Oops, my bad, you might not have any black friends if stories about you are to be believed. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.)

9. As for these marital benefits originating with the people and given by our duly elected officials. If you truly believe the people should decide this, why are you spending millions of dollars to make sure the people don't decide in any way that you don't like. Don't you trust the people to make a fair decision for all people, not just you?

10. Mr. Boone, you state: "There never were any "rights" granted or designated to those who dissented with the will of the majority." I'm not sure if you're aware of this but, there have been anti-slavery movements, suffrage movements, civil rights movements, etc. Living in a democracy that follows the will of the majority, you should know that there have been many times in our nation's history where the impartial government had to step in and protect the rights of the minority because the majority thought it was fair and right to own the minority, beat the minority, not let the minority vote, not let the minority go to school, and the list goes on. So yes, I do believe, there have been times in our nation's history where "rights" were granted to those who dissented against the will of the majority. (May I add, "You friggin' moron!" for good measure, or would that be too crass?)

Here's Keith Olbermann's take on it.

The Daily Kos said it much better than I did: Frameshop: Boone


tshsmom said...

Nice rant!
I don't understand his logic at all...jihadists, Mumbai...WTF?!

Yup, you gosh-durn gay people are out to take over the world. It must be true, Pat Boone said so.

Now I'm pissed off!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Thanks for sharing my pissed off mood. It always makes it so much better. *giggle*

tweetey30 said...

Yikes.. This man doesnt know his head from his A-- does he??? I mean come on all you gay folks out there need another person too. I mean look at my MIL.. she is living with someone 30 years her Junior... I know. my MILS partner is only 3 years older than my oldest brother in law.. Yikes huh???

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Your "rant" is well taken, my dear!
Pat Boone is about as ignorant as anyone could possibly be.....He just totally ignores every Sit-In, Marrch, Don't-Ride-The-Bus protests that happened over and over, back in the day...WHICH ALL helped to change the laws of our great land. Perhaps Pat Boone was too busy polishing his Blue Suede Shoes at the time....Or worse, he didn't agree with the protests and sit-ins, etc., back then.
What an A**hole!

debambam said...

Unbelievable...unfortunately this man makes himself look more like a zealot than those he's convinced are..

The sad part? That in today's society, people still genuinely think like this. I fee awfully sorry for them, and the generations they are now raising.

Kell<---who thoroughly enjoyed your rant on a purely academic level. Well presented and thought out!

tshsmom said...

You're welcome! Misery loves company. ;)

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Pat Boone, anyway?

Larena said...

too bad people listen to him, I have never liked him. and he always seems to be on the other side of issues I hold near and dear. L

tiger said...