Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is an example of one of my students worrying about final exams.

This is me grading hundreds of papers and exams while my students are off celebrating the end of final exams.

This is me trying to juggle my lawyering gig, my teaching gig, and get ready for Christmas. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Have, you done any xmas shoping as of yet? Am not planning on doing much, fretting over weather reports, Friday, we have to be at hospital, at 6am., which means need to leave by 5, which means up by 4. am not a fan of sunrises, and its calling for rain sleet & snow. So am planning on calling neighbors, when leaving hospital, so, neighbor can make sure I can get up drive way. Have no plan to put him on a sled and pull him up. Just way to much aggervation, to suit me going on. How is your princess? our princess should live together. Too bad so far away from each other. At least at this point if your students, are not within arms reach, so when you are forced to read a really bad answer, ya can't reach out and strangle some one.:)