Saturday, December 27, 2008

X-mas Decorations

So Christmas was very hectic for all of us this year. I was sick with a cold for the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas, plus had tons of end of the semester grading and exams to keep up with. So decorating wasn't my prime focus this year. I got up what little I could, M did all the lighting and we just had to call it good enough. This year I got the giant wreath up on the house that I picked up at the after Christmas clearance sale last year. It actually wasn't too difficult, tied a rope to it, raised it up to the roof from the ground, then put a heavy-duty hook in the side of the house to hang it on.

Also this year I decided to forego the tinsle and shimmery "boa" type garland and go for something a little more stylish. So we did beaded garland and bows on the tree out front. This little tree survived unbelievable winds and downpouring rains for a few days and not one bow fell off. Okay, so this decorating style is a keeper. I need to add more bulbs, garland and lights next year. The tree seems to get bigger, faster than I can stock up on additional decorations for it.

Inside I added two candle sconces on the mantle and this year we did a candelabra in the fireplace instead of a fire because we kept forgetting to call the chimney sweep. We'll get to it eventually.

Another room where I was somewhat inspired was the dining room. We were scheduled for another progressive dinner on the 19th (while I was sick) and knowing I wasn't going to be participating and getting everyone sick while they were in the house, I thought I'd decorate the room festively and then fade into the background.

I saw on HGTV the idea to attach a wreath to the bottom of a light fixture and then tie garland and ribbons to the rest of the fixture to make it look like a candelabra of sorts. M liked it, but I'm not so sure I do. I think it would have looked better if the light fixture hung longer down from the ceiling. It seemed too bunched up to me.

Last was this lovely little artificial tree. It was really the inspiration for the decorating this year. I tried to decorate the tree with a Victorian theme for a decorating contest at the university. I'll post those pictures later. So we did a Charles Dickens' _Scrooge_ theme for our door. When the competition was over, I brought the tree home and thought I might as well use it since I'd already gone to the trouble of decorating it. So here it is. I like the streaming ribbons best, and if you look closely, I put cinnamon scented pine cones throughout the branches in the tree. The cinnamon scent, combined with fresh pine boughs and wassail brewing (at the office) I thought for sure would win us the competition. The results to be posted later. Hope you liked my decorations. Any suggestions for next year?


Kelly said...

They are just gorgeous! We too went for something a little different with our tree this year...and we love it. Sure to expand on it next year, yours certainly put ours to shame!

Happy holidays VV, wishing you and your family all your hearts desire. Thanks for sticking with me and my blog over the last year despite all the hiccups :)


That girl said...

Oh my word! It's freakin' unbelievable. I love love love your decorations...and I'm not just talking christmas.

That is such a lovely green in the livingroom (?) and what a beautiful wreath.

Sigh. How pretty.

Hope you had a great christmas. I've been thinking about you lots, but blogging has been slacking as of late, sorry :-(

tshsmom said...

Ya done good! ;)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hi Kel, did you figure out why I couldn't view your video? I looked at the slide show but am looking forward to seeing it with music and movement. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Hi Michelle, I understand how the blog has to take a back seat to daily life sometimes. I've done the same with mine off and on. Oh and thanks about the compliments concerning our paint colors. The green is actually in the dining room. The living room is a burnt orange, but I'm planning on changing that eventually. Haven't had time to mess with it yet and I still have the foyer and upstairs stairwell to finish painting, trim work still needing touch-up in the office and then I really should paint our bedroom for the first time before I take on re-painting the living room for the second time.

Hi Kathy, thanks *blush*. Oh, I've been looking for the fabulous bargains on wreathes that I found last year, but there are like no wreathes to be found! I don't know whether they got snapped up earlier than usual or if wreathes just aren't the selling item this year. Figures, just because I'm looking for them. ;-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I Did NOT get the Comment you spoke of....! Blogger is so weird sometimes...UGH!

Your decorations are delightful! I especially LOVE that Victorian Tree with the streamers...It is Sooooo very very Festive....! And I love the look of an Olf Fashioned Cheistmas....!
BEAUTIFULLY DONE----ALL Of It. Especially considering you have been so sick leading up to Christmas....You and M. Did Great!

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