Friday, January 16, 2009

As part of a continuing campaign,

These videos are for M. :-) It also helps that a creepy guy has been loitering around my office for the past 2 days and I'm here ALONE, all day. *sigh*

See, German Shepherds can be gentle and put up with a lot.

Babies LOVE them!

They rank high on the cuteness factor.

And okay, so we'll need a higher fence. But just watch how that dog clears that fence as if it were nothing. It's a thing of beauty I tell ya!

Thousands upon thousands, are out there right now, waiting to be adopted.


Anonymous said...

Ok, now we know that they are cute, but just what are you doing in the meantime regarding the creepy guy. Do you have pepper spray or an alarm that you carry with you??maybe a rock in your bag? comeon girlfriend. Let me know all is well in the common sense realm.

Anonymous said...

Based on these videos, the German shepherds would just lick the creepy guy! Now a cat, on the other hand, would randomly attack creepy people. I'm not buying this propaganda!!!!!!!!!!


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Anon - who are you? I have a hammer sitting right next to my desk and I do know how to use it. We reported the incident to the building owners.

M, c'mon, you should know from experience, cats only bite the hands that feed them, but it was a nice change not to have you accuse innocent dogs of attacking people. :-)

tweetey30 said...

I would love one but Jeff has enough problems with the cat so I dont know what he would do with a dog also.. LOL... He says german shepards or black labs if we ever got a dog..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, I had a Shepherd for over 13 years and he was the smartest, most trainable and best dog I ever had. I like Labs too, but have run into too many "dopey" labs that are very hard to train. I'm sure you find good and bad in every breed. A great dog just made me partial to Shepherds.

tshsmom said...

I was wondering how your campaign was working. Not well, eh?

M, shepherds make excellent guard dogs for 2 reasons: 1) Most people are intimidated by the mere presence of a shepherd. 2) Shepherds are very playful and loving with their family and friends, but don't EVER mess with their loved ones! Most of them will die for you!

VV, that first video is soooo much like Hairry! He'll let ANY smaller dog lord it over him as Alpha dog. My parents' dog is 6 inches shorter and 25 lbs lighter than he is, but Hairry lets her be the big boss.
It enrages me that there are so many "dopey" labs out there now. Labs have become popular, so they're overbreeding them and breeding the brains out of them, just like they did with Irish Setters and Golden Retrievers.

Tweets, WHY would Jeff want a lab when he hates Hairry so much?

maeve said...

Hopefully you did not have to use the hammer, but keep that hammer handy!! I LOVE German Shepards, my favorite dog!!!

Larena said...

German shepards are the BEST. Labs are great but need constant training, a shepard once he has the info never forgets. I will have one again when I have a big enough yard. M, you are going to have to work at getting over the doggy hate you have and getting K a puppy for a present would earn you great brownie points !!!! L

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tshsmon, oh the campaign is working, and I appreciate everyone chiming in on what great dogs German Shepherds are. M's first excuse was Shepherds were too aggressive and scary. Everytime she saw a Shepherd she'd say the dog was preparing to attack. The fact that she didn't say that this time is proof I'm wearing her down, that and the fact that she asked her brother to put in a tall fence when he comes to visit this summer, means she's resigned to the idea that the dog is coming, sooner or later and sooner seems to be winning out. I had a conversation with the head of our local kennel club and she said on rare occasions they get Shepherd dogs just over a year old who are seeing eye dog rejects. They're great dogs, really smart, already trained, they just couldn't pass the stringent requirements of the seeing eye program 100% of the time so they reject them. I guess it is important for a seeing eye dog to know when _not_ to cross a street 100% of the time. No room for error there. So, she's got my business card and will call me if she hears of any Shepherd pups out there.

Maeve, nope, hammer still in place. One more thing we have in common now, love for Shepherds!

Larena, see my info to Tshsmom, M's adjusting. So will you and Johnny head out here to help put up the tall fence with M's brother this summer? ;-) Love the porch rails he did. I could keep him very busy around here.

tweetey30 said...

Tshsmom he doesnt HATE Hairry. He just doesnt like jumpy dogs.. he doesnt even like my moms dog. Even though Jake is a puppy..

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out in my defense that Karen and I went to see a movie this weekend, called "Defiance." Now, there happened to be a bunch of Nazis in this movie. Guess what kind of dogs they had? Guess! That's right, cuddly little German shepherds! One even attacked an innocent young lady! So it is fair to say that in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE WE SAW THIS WEEKEND, German shepherds were behaving badly. I rest my case.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

M, your argument is full of holes and quite schizophrenic. Here's your first statement: "Based on these videos, the German Shepherds would just lick the creepy guy!" Now you're saying they were "behaving badly." Just because the dogs were performing a service for their masters who trained them to do such things, does not mean they were behaving badly. They were obedient to their masters. True, what their masters ordered them to do was horrible, but the dogs were only doing as they were trained to do and they are very obedient. If they were disobedient, then they would likely behave badly. Therefore, given your opposing statements, I don't believe you are in a position to judge whether German Shepherds are good dogs or vicious beasts when you can't even make up your mind in your argument what they are. I will have to make all judgments concerning the dog. Just remember, I will be doing the training and they are a _very_ obedient breed. There's no telling if a slight hand signal might send the dog into a fit of furious licking of someone's feet...say, someone who is extremely ticklish. You just never know. That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

I will begin preparing the lawsuit immediately.


Anonymous said...

Mel, where were Kara's dogs when you were at our house, can not remember normally they bark their fool heads off, maybe they were and there was just to much comotion going on. May be they were put in her room, forgot pastor Brown was there and he really does not like dogs. I think in India they are food. :)p

Anonymous said...

Hot dogs? Yummy.

So sad and too soon

Dolores O'Riordan -