Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Party

As a preface to this post, some faces you might see in this post are not who you might think they are, those individuals called in sick to work, so they could not possibly be the folks you see in the following pictures. Any resemblance to sick people is purely coincidental. So we had an Inauguration Brunch and served the following foods: oatmeal with assorted fruits, pancakes, bacon, veggie quiche, crab quiche, smoked salmon and assorted cheeses and crackers, a variety of bagels and cream cheeses, cinnamon coffee cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, coffee, teas, orange juice, milk, Mimosas (O.J. with champagne) and I think that was it, I could be wrong.

We had about 17-18 people there I think. People would sit, stand, mingle, talk to the commentators on the t.v. and give some other choice remarks, especially when the Pastor of Saddleback Church came on repeatedly saying how we should all be equal, treat each other with love, etc., to which the refrain from our audience was, "except for gays." Repeated as necessary.

There were tears of joy for the occasion. A sense of relief that maybe, just maybe, the long, dark nightmare this country has been in for the last 8 years might finally be at an end.

We had one child present in the flesh. He wasn't much interested in the proceedings. The sweets, however, did receive his rapt attention. We also had 2 children in utero present for the event, neither of which saw fit to make an appearance, that would have put a whole new spin on "new beginnings."

We were all watching the clock anxiously because we thought by law, Obama _had_ to be sworn in by noon. We sighed with relief when Biden was sworn in before noon, but then practically had a cow as other people did their things prior to Obama's swearing in and the clock kept ticking perilously close to noon.

He was finally sworn in at 12:03 or thereabouts and we were informed by the commentator that he officially became President at noon, even though he hadn't been sworn in yet. Okay, huge sigh of relief. Anyway, hope these pictures are okay. I had to take them with my cell phone because the batteries in my digital camera were dead and my son had run off with all the AA batteries in the house, as usual. I can never find an AA battery when I need one. Too many remote controls in the house I guess. What did you all do for the inauguration? Did you get to see it?


CyberKitten said...

I didn't watch it live as it was 5pm our time & I was at work... But I did watch it later.

I've been smiling ever since!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I feel like a lead weight has been lifted from my chest.

maeve said...

K, great commentary! Great food ... yum!!
Watched it here at work, of course I finally got the dam thing up at 12:05!! We all sat in our cubes and watched the speach, it was very moving and filled my eyes many times with tears!! My son-in-law covered the The Commander-in-Chief's Ball for FOX news.

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