Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Off To A Good Start

Prior to Bush leaving office, his administration was trying to push through all sorts of conservative legislation that would affect women's reproductive rights and wildlife areas just to name two. I'm glad to see Obama's Administration get off to such a good, firm, no nonsense start and protecting our rights immediately. CNN Full Story and here's another one: Yahoo News Story


maeve said...

So much for the Controversial Midnight regulations! Go Obama!

tweetey30 said...

Women should have the rights on how they want there reproductives done. I mean you dont ever want kids have it done right away where you dont ged saddled with something you didnt want.. did you see the Inaguration. I think I spelled it right. I watched some of it on TV yesterday afternoon.

tshsmom said...

Obama's first act as president was A-OK with me! I hate when lame ducks try to push their own agenda through at the last minute!

Oops I did it again

Getting it short in anticipation of warm weather and more jogging, it grows fast and will be long again by next winter.