Friday, January 9, 2009

Reading the morning news...

As I was reading the morning news I came across a number of articles that gave me hope for humanity, hope for the economy, and just plain made me feel good or laugh. In lieu of a traditional Feel Good Friday, enjoy the news!

Hope for the Paralyzed

Hope for bad drivers

Hope for the frustrated worker

Hope for aging actors

Hope for people in search of puppies!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Some extraordinary things! The Hope for the Paralized in particular. And the Puppy Video is delightful....
As to 'Hope For The Aged Actor'....Well, only if you have the clout of Clint Eastwood. There is no other Actor of 78 or more or even slightly less, starring in and directing movies....Sad To Say! And no Actresses, either....!
But in truth, he can do just about anything he wants, and I say GOOD FOR HIM! He uses his 'celebrity' well, and is a superb Film Maker....I haven't seen Gran Torino yet, but I hope to when it gets on to DVD....!

maeve said...

I think too this is all wonderful ... I was going to post but aI think I should hold my judgement to the morning hours, tonight I will not be fair!! lol

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